Author: Annerine Snyman

SRC exodus explained

Lian van Wyk Afrikaans to follow The student representative counsel (SRC) of Stellenbosch University (SU) announced the resignation of two of its main members on Monday 11 February. This followed after both Alchadvon Fransman and Lethiwe Mbatha sent in their resignation letters to the SRC and student parliament on respectively 31 January and 9 February. Mbatha, previous SRC member for strategic initiatives and leadership development, thanked the people who supported her with her campaign in her letter. However, she also mentioned those who made her time difficult as an SRC member. “Those who have invested their time and energy...

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Koshuise en PSO’s reg vir eerstejaars

Carla Visagie Hoewel eerstejaar-wees baie uitdagend kan wees, is koshuise en PSO’s die wandelstok waarmee eerstejaars hul pad in Matieland kan vind. Die Matie het by ’n paar prims gaan inloer oor wat hulle vir hul eerstejaars beplan. Courtney Williams, prim van Huis Neethling, meen dit is belangrik om eerstejaars te leer om die regte vrae te vra wat kan bydrae tot hulle welstand. “Ons leer hulle om hulself af te vra: Dra alles wat ek doen by tot emosionele groei en emosionele stabiliteit? Help my dade my om by te dra tot ’n gebalanseerde, lewende, luisterende gemeenskap? Hoe...

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What graduating with distinction means to Maties students

Kathryn van den Berg asked six Matie Graduates of December 2018 if they think that graduating cum laude places graduates in a better position than peers who graduate without distinction. Here’s what they had to say:  Sarah Anne Gardner Graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of the Arts in Humanities “I definitely believe that graduating cum laude adds more merit to my name as it shows good work ethic and dedication to prospective employers” Photo: SUPPLIED   Andrew Sutherland “In short, no. As a student who wishes to further his studies, post-grad, I don’t think that an undergraduate holds a...

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Advice on Achieving Awesomeness

André James Daniel Kershaw My name is André and recently I graduated from Stellenbosch University, achieving a Cum Laude pass for my BA Language and Culture degree, majoring in English Studies and Philosophy. Over the past three years, which constitute my undergraduate career, I have been honoured to receive recognition for my academic achievements in the form of various awards. These include the Rhodes-Investec Top 100 Award, Golden Key International Honour Society membership, and a generous Van Schaik book prize after achieving the highest result for English Studies in consecutive years, among other honours. Most helpfully, I have received...

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Things to look forward to in January

Editorial team Stellenbosch is usually abuzz during the second part of January when the new first years arrive and the welcoming programme is in full-swing. Vensters is usually what most students look forward to, but since that is only taking place on 1 February this year, most senior students are left wondering what they can get up to until then. Luckily for these students who’ll be arriving sooner rather than later, there are a few other things to look forward to as well. Here are a few events that students can look forward to in the month of January:...

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