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Everything Dreads is the name of an emerging business founded by second year BSc (Mathematical Sciences) student, Hamese Houston Thapelo, that renders the service of, yes, you guessed it, dreadlocks!

Taught by a friend of his, Hamese has since mastered the skill of dreading, about which he has been passionate for as long as he can remember. It is this passion that has motivated Hamese and his business partner, Luthada Unarine Collen, to use their skills to offer a service to people with dreads, for whom there are very few places on or nearby campus that accommodate this specific hairstyle, especially at an affordable price.

Although it has been pretty much under wraps since its establishment sometime last semester, it is their influx of customers that encouraged them to dedicate more effort into marketing their business on a grander scale. Everything Dreads is thus a small, local business that is well on its way to becoming a household name on the lips of students around campus, given the size and prevalence of its target market.

Hamese and Luthada offer their services as travelling hairstylists who will meet you at your location of choice to dread your hair or to lock your dreads for you at any length or thickness.

Prices range from a minimum of R100 to R200 at most, which, given the ugly reality of student budgets, is beyond affordable! If you’re looking to have your whole head of hair dreaded, it would cost R200, and if you want only the top or a part of your hair dreaded, it would cost R150.

If you already have dreads, however, and merely need someone to lock the dreads at the roots after a significant amount of hair growth, you can expect to pay between R100 and R150 depending on whether a part of your head or whole head is dreaded.

Everything Dreads prides themselves on being affordable and convenient, because if you’re suffering for beauty, you’re doing it wrong!

To secure a booking, you can send them a direct message on their Instagram page @everythingdreads’, or on their number: 0724510210.

Do not forget to spread the word to potential clients and relieve their dread with the news of Everything Dreads.

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