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Tess Vengadajellum

Vensters will undergo another transformation next year: the MAD2 project will now be known as Connect. The Prim Committee has collectively decided to reshape Vensters by implementing a series of changes.

The new project is more feasible and sustainable and will involve the wider Stellenbosch community. Residences will now be able to choose one of seven themes to incorporate into their performances. The themes are broad and aligned with the idea of sustainability. Themes include safety, justice and sustainable environment, to name a few.

The idea is for each residence to have a house theme and to align it with a social impact project.

Prim Committee chair Bobbi Wessels stated that they are “trying to give houses more freedom and a chance to work between the grey areas”. “The old way was very black and white.”

The objective of Vensters is ultimately to bring attention to a social impact project. Next year, there will be no guidelines regarding how houses are to raise funds for Vensters. Funds that are collected will go directly to the social impact project the residence has chosen.

Two partnerships will be sharing the stage at the event next year. Each partnership will get a turn to perform a show and will thus alternate performances accordingly.

According to the Prim Committee chair, “It makes more sense from a feasibility aspect, the main focus is the event itself and the social impact projects,” Wessels said.

The changes made to Vensters have mostly been supported by heads of residences around campus.

“It is great that Stellenbosch University is proactively trying to improve the Vensters experience. It may not be an ideal framework, but it is a great step towards improvement,” said Minerva Primaria Cindi Pretorius.

Vensters will have carnival look with additional performances and new partnerships. New partnerships like Stellenbosch University choir, Woordfees and the US Museum will be incorporated into next year’s programme.

The aim of the social impact projects is to physically identify the needs of a specific community. Vensters is thus the platform to create awareness for the project chosen by a residence.

“The changes made to Vensters allow for a financial model which is more sustainable. There will also be less pressure on houses for funding to pay off Vensters,” said Wessels.

“In addition to this, there are staff members who have been employed specifically to provide support and guidance for residences with Vensters.”

“There will definitely be no balloons, I can confirm that,” said Wessels.

The year 2018 marks the Stellenbosch University centenary, which sees exciting proposals for the Dream Launch.


Photo: Henk Oets

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