Stellies Student Selected to Speak at UN Conference

Kathryn van den Berg

“Think global, Act Local” is a phrase which 20-year-old Stellenbosch University student Kayla Arnold embodies.

She was selected as the human rights youth ambassador of the United Nations of South Africa (UNASA).

As a result of years of community service and participation in UNASA projects, Arnold was chosen to speak about her country’s human rights at the “Human Rights in Action” Conference held in Geneva, Switzerland from 21-25 August.

Assisted by the training received on the workings of the Project Cycle management and UN mechanisms, Arnold is required to implement her own project within six months of the conference.

Her passion revolves around the adverse effects that poor education generate in a country.

This passion motivated Arnold to start a library scheme involving sustainable literary and research practices.

The scheme will help Arnold to achieve her goal of “creating a literacy culture that starts at home and embeds a love of learning in students’ early years”.

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