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Rebecca Pitt

The challenge most 21st century leaders face is an attitude of entitlement, said Nox Makunga at the Wimbledon and Rubix clusters’ talk.

The 21st Century Leadership Talk, hosted by Eendrag men’s residence, was intended to start a conversation about whether leadership has changed, and how young people progress to become better leaders.

“As leaders we should have no sense of entitlement, we need respect and an attitude of continuous learning in life,” said Makunga.

Other speakers at the event were Jannie Mouton, the founder and chairman of the PSG group; Hanlie Retief, an award winning South African journalist; and Chris Delport, the owner of Stellies Authentic Clothing.

They spoke about their personal experience and success regarding leadership.

Delport, who went from his science major at Stellenbosch University to becoming a successful entrepreneur, emphasized the importance of servant leadership and lifelong learning.

Makunga also said: “The rights we have are a privilege, and with these rights come responsibilities for the decisions we make.”

Makunga and Mouton both said that the first step for leaders is to recognize an opportunity.

All four speakers agreed that the foundation of all great leaders lies in their humility and knowing that they don’t know everything.

Furthermore, students were encouraged to take risks and to trust their gut feelings.

The importance of planning was also emphasized by Makunga:

“You may lose if you don’t have a GPS to direct those dreams.”


Photo: Carla de Beer


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