STRIPES AND SOLIDS Maties rugby players in an Intervarsity game in May 1971. During the 1970s, Maties rugbyplayers mostly had long-sleeved shirts. Photo: Die Matie, 14 Mei 1971

Extreme Makeover: Sports Edition


Throughout the past 80 years that Die Matie existed, our journalists and photographers ran around the sports fields to capture the essence of the great athletes. Queen Majikijela and Carla Visagie selected some pictures to illustrate how the fashion of the women and men in maroon have changed:

MAROON MACHINES Jordan Chait, flyhalf of the 2019 Maties rugby first team, in the Maties maroon jersey. Photo: Die Matie website April 2019

DEFENSE Like today, Maties netball players played with maroon dresses in the 1970s as well. In the picture, Debbie Blair can be seen intercepting the ball. Photo: Die Matie
27 July 1979

SHARP SHOOTERS The dynamites in maroon still play in dresses with the same cut as the 1970s, but today they have a modern design containing the signature acorn leaves of Stellenbosch. Photo: Die Matie website, September 2017

BIG HITS Maties women hockey players played with skirts and golf shirts in the 80s, as captured in a photo by the Cape Times published in Die Matie on 10 August 1989. Sherylle Calder (middle) and Zelda Calitz (right) are shown in the picture. Photo: Die Matie, 10 August 1989

CAMERADERIE The Maroon Platoons still play in skirts, but the golf t-shirts have transformed into a more modern look. Here they were captured in May 2019 at the North West University (NWU) Astro in Potchefstroom. Photo: Die Matie website, May 2019
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