Kampus Quotes

“At this point, if I got hit by a car, I’d ask the driver to not call the ambulance.”
– Stressed BA-student

“Hy is sò kort, hy moet op ’n stoeltjie staan om in sy neuste krap.” 

– Jaloerse bokkie

“Seven Easter eggs and a grapefruit later and I still don’t know sh*t.”

– Student at 01:35 on his test day

“Skuif jou date na Werk- ersdag toe, want mans isnet werk.”

 – Oortuigende vriendin

“Is it weird if I go on a date with my high school teach-ers?” 

– Confused student

“I took a bath the other day, but I’m probably going to hell for it beacause I wastedso much water.”

– Guilt ridden student from Johannesburg

“Ek het wakker geword met net ’n McDonald’s beef pattyop my bors. My beddegoed en buns was weg.”

 – Student ná Kaasfees

“Daar behoort ’n geen voicenote reël te wees.”
– Gefrustreerde student

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