National Anthem mess-up at Varsity Cup

Kurt Darren has been receiving much attention since he sang the national anthem incorrectly. Carla Visagie asked students what the national anthem means to them.

Enrico Palmieri, BAcc third-year

“It is important to know as it combines all of our cultures and languages and I think it is important for us to understand each others’ languages. I think it is a sign of respect learning the whole anthem- South Africans should at least learn the whole anthem.”

Emma van Nierop, BSc third-year

“think it is important to know the words of the national anthem as it shows where you come from. I struggle with the African part, it is very difficult to pronounce and I don’t think it is right to be judged on whether or not you can pronounce it correctly”

Matthew Gabriel, BSc-derdejaar

“Ek dink dit is baie be- langrik om die volkslied te ken en ek ken dit en weet wat dit beteken, want die volkslied is veronderstel om eenheid te bring en dit is iets spesiaals omdat dit eie aan ons land is.”

“I think it is bad if you mess up especially on na- tional TV. I think everyone should know it because you learn it from such a young age and everyone should know every part because it is a diverse country and that brings us all together.”

Mateo Gawie, BA-eerstejaar

“Ek dink dis belangrik om die volkslied te ken, want die volkslied is veronderstel om ons almal te bind. Ek voel nie dis belangrik vir almal nie want dit gaan oor persoonlike perspektief, wat belangrik is vir my is nie noodwendig bel- angrik vir jou nie.”

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