Author: Rachele Button

Game of Thrones: WTAF ?

JESSICA JOSEPHS GAME OF THRONES season eight has seen numerous disap­pointed fans. Regardless of the questionable writing, we have witnessed thus far, viewers, in­cluding myself, are in hope of a miraculous season finale to make up for all the ‘wtf’ mo­ments we’ve encountered. One of these moments in­clude the death of one of the greatest, most conniving and dangerous villains television has ever seen – Cersei Lannister. Yes, her death was highly disap­pointing. Yes, she should’ve died in a more torturous manner, and yes, she did not deserve to die in the arms of the person she loved. But...

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Chaos: the order of the day

LOLITA DE ABREU The sitting held by Student Parliament on 7 May was anything but ordinary. With the late arrival of Parliament members, multiple outbursts of anger from the members of the house, and only two of the six discussion points on the agenda being somewhat addressed, the evening in Wilcocks 1001 did not go as planned. Keitumetse Lebesa, the Speaker of Student Parliament, brought forth the #NotAllMen discussion point, originally third on the list, as the first point of the evening. The #NotAllMen critical engagement event was held by the SRC at Dabreek men’s residence on 16 April....

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Students accepting the ‘dare to be kind’ challenge

KATHRYN VAN DEN BERG Besides posters and advertisements put up by society organisers, FinAcc tutoring service providers and second-hand book salesmen, the Neelsie’s walls are decorated in colourful A4 posters with headings that speak of kindness. ‘Dare to be kind to your- self’ is one such example of the ‘Kindness Campaign’ poster with pull-off statements which challenge students passing by topull off a tag and, for example,‘Dare to be kind to the environment’ or ‘Dare to be kind to others’. Van Wyk Venter, a fourth-year BMus (Bachelor of Music) student, said that he was walking with a friend and...

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Kos vir kinders

RENÉ ESTERHUYSE Studente van die Universiteit Stellenbosch (US) het die afgelope Saterdag bymekaar gekom om teen hongersnood en wanvoeding onder skoolkinders te veg. Con- nect, die US se fondsinsamelingsliggaam, het ‘n maaltydverpakkings geleentheid gehad wat die doel voor oë gehad het om voed- same maaltye aan kinders wat in die Wes-Kaap te voorsien. Die idee vir die geleentheid het ontstaan ná die Universiteit van Kaapstad (UK) onlangs hul eie projek, genaamd #LunchBoxChallenge , geloods het. Vir dié projek het studente 750 toebroodjies verpak wat toe aan skole geskenk is waar honger kinders ‘n kwessie is. “Die idee agter die geleentheid...

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Undergraduates present while postgraduates present

SINESIPHO MBANGU MANY Stellenbosch University (SU) undergraduates are interested in postgraduate studies but might be unaware of what is expected of them if they further their studies. Russel Botman House and the Wimbledon Cluster have collaborated to present the Academic Principal Program Research Colloquium Series, an event that gives master’s students at SU a practice run at presenting their research project by sharing it with all students. Helia Witbooi, SU student and Wimbledon cluster convener, said the purpose of the event was for undergraduates to learn more about the research that postgraduate students do, and to give postgraduate students...

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