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Stellenbosch students returning from their vacations may have noticed a brand-new mobile coffee shop on one of Stellenbosch’s most busy residential streets. Customers arriving at the Lucky Dice coffee trailer are greeted by the friendly faces of Chris Green and Aidan Scott who serve up a delicious cuppa with some personality. The location ofthe Lucky Dice coffee trailer remains a secret for now, leaving the responsibility with Stellenbosch students to find them.

Chris is the brainchild behind Lucky Dice coffee and started conceptualising the business in July last year. Since then, the mobile coffee trailer has made a name for itself at several markets and festivals around the Western Cape and bookings can be made for weddings and other events.

Chris is responsible for the finances, management and is also a self-taught barista. After watching a series of YouTube tutorials, Chris took to the coffee machine for practice, and the rest, as they say, is history.

While Chris works his magic on the coffee machine, Aidan engages with customers, serving up banter nearly as hot as the coffee. When asked about the inspiration for starting this business, Chris explained that he has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and has been involved in several small side businesses in the past.

After having enough money saved up from waitering, Chris decided to start Lucky Dice coffee as he felt he understood the coffee business thoroughly. He modelled his coffee trailer around the successes and failures of similar existing businesses after speaking to several coffee shopowners and other entrepreneurs.

What makes Lucky Dice coffee different from other mobile coffee trailers is their desire to establish a lasting relationship with their customers to ensure recurrent business and repeat events. Chris said, “the company has now developed into something I never thought it would be”, and explained that being self-sufficient and seeing his hard work materialise into a business with a personality he is proud of has been incredibly rewarding.

Chris also enjoys being able to meet and interact with different people on the job, “between that first interaction and the customer leaving, you kind of feel like you’ve made a friend”, he said. Being able to brighten up some- one’s day through a “smile or a friendly conversation” has been a highlight for Chris.

Chris acknowledges that juggling a new business while studying can be challenging, but included some advice for entrepreneurial students, “the right time to start a business is now or never, it’s always going to be out of your comfort zone. You always think you’ll start a business when you have time. The truth is, either someone else does it before you, better than you or will have more money to monopolise it,” said Chris.

He advises up and coming entrepreneurs to grab opportunities when they present themselves and remain positive while waiting for the “big break”. Make sure to look out for the friendly faces of the Lucky Dice coffee trailer around Stellenbosch and stop by for a chat and cappuccino on your way home or to class. Alternatively, follow them on Instagram to see where you can catch them next!

CORRECTION: The photographer to be credited for this image is David Clifford-Holmes instead of Luke Vey as stated in this editions newspaper.

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