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“Home is a space of free expression”, said Dr Choice Makhetha, Senior Director of the Division of Student Affairs, in her speech referencing the environment created within the newly launched Victoria Hub. On 18 April the Victoria Hub was officially opened on Coligny Street. The hub is the third of its kind on Stellenbosch (SU) campus and caters to the Victoria Cluster, which consists of Silene, Oude Molen, Wilgenhof, Monica and Harmonie.

When asked about how the new hub will positively impact the Victoria Cluster, Theane le Grange, HK of Silene, said, “The new hub has created an opportunity to bring together the Victoria Cluster communities to use this new space to build new traditions, strengthen student integration, and increase a sense of belonging, especially for PSO students.”

The Victoria Hub gives members of the cluster a space for academic and recreational purposes. There is also a Backpacker area established within the Hub which ensures that there is a safe space for commuter students to stay overnight, should they be unable to return home.

When asked about what the most unique part of the Victoria Hub is, the Prim of Oude Molen, Shelton Ngomakapile, said, “The most unique part about the Victoria Hub is the endless possibilities that the hub brings to a commuter student.”

He noted that this hub affords students an opportunity to “foster a more genuine connection” outside of planned PSO events. This is a space they can call their own.

Monica du Toit, coordinator of Victoria Cluster, said, “We are not here to play games, [and] we are not here to make beautiful buildings or tell people what they can or cannot do, we are [here because we are] serious about understanding community.” Du Toit further added, “[Community] means creating deep connections beyond just hello.”

The Victoria Hub was launched on 28 April. There was also an opportunity for the greater Stellenbosch Community to participate in various activities planned by members.

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