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STELLENBOSCH is a true haven for thrifters. If you open your heart and mind to a few items of preloved clothing, you’ll be hard-pressed to justify buying expensive clothes ever again. But don’t let us persuade you. Take a look at the ample offerings right at your doorstep and enter a world of ad-venture and, most crucially, savings.

For a die-hard thrifter, the Hospice Shop is clothing heaven. Almost every town has one, but the Stellenbosch shop is unique for the sole reason that it has a bookstore as well. With the clothing section you can find anything from pants to jackets to jewellery from as little as R5. It also caters for both sexes.The Hospice Shop receives all their clothes through donations, and they use the money that they earn to fund the Stellenbosch Hospice which offers free medical care.

Almost Famous is a relatively new shop in Stellenbosch. They recently relocated from Dorp Street to the bottom of Plein Street. Because they offer new clothing as well, it might be a bit pricier than your usual thrift store. Even though it is quite a small shop, it offers a wide range of clothing for both men and women.

Their selection includes branded T’s, vintage knitted jerseys, velvet cozzies, denim jackets and funky glasses. Definitely a must stop before your next festival expedition. They also have a branch in Claremont and an online store.

Second Chances is one of Stellenbosch’s hidden gems and can be found down Ryneveld Street. It offers a mix between new and vintage clothing. The owner of the store says, “The heart of the store is to uplift people and make sure that everyone has the chance to look nice, rich or poor.” The style of the clothing is very old-school with full dresses, decorative pants, blouses and even doilies. They are currently having a sale, so make sure to drop by soon.

If you are on a quest to militarise your style with a pair of Doc Martens, Dreamland Vintage is your best bet. They are best described as “A dreamy collection of vintage, new and everything in between”, as seen on their Instagram page.

The store can’t be regarded as a vintage shop, as they stock some relatively new clothes. However, the focus is on stocking up on quality high end pieces. Think in the line of Levis high waisted momjeans, corduroy pants and 90s sneakers. Unisex floral shirts and groovy glasses.

Their main branch is in Cape Town off Kloof Street, and, due to high demand from the Stelliescampus, they have branched out to 111 Dorp Street at the end of las year.

Vintage and thrift shopping have grown extremely popular and it is therefore no surprise that many thrift hunters have made their merchandise available online.

Instagram is a highly successful platform to showcase thrifted or second-hand gems which are sold at prices that only makes you second guess an order at the sight of the courier cost.

Vintage Thrift Hub (@vintage_thrift_hub) is solely based online and orders are placed via their website ( Their following of 3K is a testimony to their high variety and regularly uploaded stock, as well as the occasional scarce bidding item.

Another account to keep your eyes on is LootsinOnline (@lootsinonline). Their stock consists o mostly ladies’ items which are also made available on their website ( Their collections are vastly vintage and pre-owned, with handmade embroideries to upcycle some pieces andhandmade collars.

Founded Clothing Co. is a brand dealing in second-hand clothing fit for the adventurer on a budget. They rely on pop-up shops and events to showcase their merchandise and can be recognised as the stall with the warm red carpets and affordable clothing of all sorts. From sandals, to unisex jackets and shirts, to flowy summer dresses and over the shoulder bags. Keep an eye out on their Instagram to stay in the loop of when and where they will set up shop next (@founded_clothing).

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