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Now that Stellenbosch is finally experiencing some spring weather it seems like the perfect time to embrace change. That is exactly what Grassy Spark have done.

The band is releasing a new single,‘The Candy’ and an accompanying music video in a feature on Expresso on 26 October and will have a media launch on 25 October.

‘The Candy’ is a collaboration between the band, their sound engineer, Jethro Harris, and producerTutti Espi.

The forthcoming single is an indication of the new direction in which the band is taking their sound.

“For me personally ‘The Candy’ isentirely about being swept off your feetby the idea of conception. Naturally the inspiration comes from conceivingmy firstborn child. This extends into the idea of the band conceiving a new sound, and a rebirth that carries with it the immense intention born of the chaos of individual and collective change, where all different ideas are coming together,” commented Josh Riley, the vocalist, on the new single.

The idea for Grassy Spark originated when Riley wanted to win over a girl by writing her a song.

Initially the band was a duoconsisting of Riley and Yanick Bathfield, both of whom providevocals and play the guitar.

They were later joined by LawrenceJaeger on drums, bassist Kevin Kokand more recently keyboard and saxophone player Simon Ackermann.

Riley said that while none of the members grew up in the near identical sounding suburb of Grassy Park, they wanted a name that representedCape Town, while at the same time communicating the energy for which Grassy Spark has become known.

Releasing an album is not part ofthe band’s immediate plans, insteadthey want to release singles and artpieces, which may or may not becomean album.

While the future holds muchpromise for Grassy Spark, the bandwants fans to keep an open mind and have a laidback approach when listening to their music.

“We like to create what we feel, and what we like, and this varies fromsong to song. Our music tastes are as diverse as our personalities, and this makes writing difficult sometimes.

“We keep the creative gates open and stay true to our origins. We are justan idea to be enjoyed… just watch, just enjoy. No expectations, just be present in this experience with us,”said Riley.

Photo: Theodore Afrika

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