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With the year drawing to a close, the somewhat ‘crazy’ aspects of student life seem to increase with every assignment that is squeezed in.

The Spirituality, Philosophy and Yoga Society (SPYS) of Stellenbosch University provide students with the necessary tools to navigate “ourcomplex world”.

“We provide philosophical discussions for the mind, yoga for the body and meditations for the emotional and spiritual level,” said Gopi Jivana Dasa, Chairperson of SPYS.

SPYS is a student society and their philosophical discussions are about issues relevant to students, but with spirituality as their foundation.

“Our topics can range from political and social ideas or issues, to psychological talks that are purely philosophical or spiritual.”

The society bases their spirituality on the Vedic philosophy which, according to Dasa, is all inclusive andin which anyone can find value. Some aspects even cater to people who don’t believe in God or who are agnostic” said Dasa.

The yoga sessions that the society hosts twice a week entails, according to Dasa, “normal” yoga and students who want to attend, do not necessarily need to be interested in the spiritual aspect that is linked with the rest of the society.

SPYS is a very active society and hosts up to seven activities per week. These include three musical meditations, one philosophical discussion as well as the two yoga session of which the one is free.

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