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CRUNCH TIME Exam season approaches, here are some tips to overcome the stress.

By Nicola Davids

With exam season just around the corner, Die Matie went around campus asking students for their personal study methodology. Here are some of the tips students gave.

“Plan your work. Organise your work. Plan your study time for the week. It won’t come easy.”

  • Lyle Van Wyk, 2nd-year B.Ed (intermediate Phase

“Come to campus because it motivates you to work when you see other people working. Don’t study at home; that can make your resting place and work environment get mixed up. When writing notes, use different colours to help with memorising different things. I personally print out everything I
need [to read].”

  • Michaela Heynes, 6th-year MSc in Sports Science

“The 2357 study method on TikTok. I’ve tried this, and it actually works. Google it .”

  • Amanda Muyo, 2nd-year Bcom Logistics

“I don’t really study that hard before exams. I would say that just working consistently throughout the year honestly helps so much. Print out all the slides throughout the year and make notes so that when exams roll around, you just have to read through them basically.”

  • Laura Conroy, 2nd-year BA International Studies

“I recently discovered this soundtrack of epic movies, like the background tracks, and it just really makes you feel motivated. Like when the Game of Thrones theme plays, it really boosts my confidence. Like, “Yeah, girl, I am Daenerys!”

  • Grace Grant, 5th-year Economics Honours

“Studying with friends is the best thing you could possibly do. Don’t isolate yourself. Preferably study at a place where you’re not allowed to talk. It’s probably a good idea to pick a place where you can be as quiet as possible. Then you can take study breaks with your friends. It honestly motivates you
to keep going.”

  • Gabriella Neilon, 4th-year Honours in Financial Economics

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