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By Emma Hamman

 The cold bite in the air won’t stop the fools from going to festivals. Fool’s Gold Social Bar is once again hosting a fun-filled festival, Fool’s Day Out, on 30 July and is bringing some of the best local artists to the stage. This will be the second time Fool’s Gold hosts the festival, following the first one in February, and 1000 to 1500 people are expected to attend.

The beloved social bar attracts a group of soulful music lovers, caters for a variety of genres, and never disappoints when it comes to music. The festival will be lined up with four headliners who are big in the industry—Pierre Johnson, Beatsbyhand, Jullian Gomes, and Trancemicsoul—who will share the decks with artists like Stache, KONG, and even student DJs such as Boerie Roll and Groovy Rats. 

Jan-Hendrik la Cock, the third-year BCom (Management Accounting) student who forms part of the Boerie Roll DJ pair with Francois van Zyl, who is also a third-year BCom (Management Accounting) student, described how excited they are for round two of Fool’s Day Out. 

“I think it’s going to be incredible. The previous festival was just mind-blowing. The Fool’s Gold team put so much effort into it. The décor was next level, and the stages were huge.”

La Cock continued by emphasising the incredible aura and vibes at the festival and said that they “are just very thankful to be involved.” 

The idea was to get out of the club for a change of the normal venue and a little escape. Dane Hong, owner of Fool’s Gold, described the venue of the festival as a beautiful glass warehouse in Wellington. Bakenhof Wedding Venue allows the festival-goers to stay out of the cold whilst still having the feel of an outdoor festival. 

“Everything is glass, so you can see the scenery. It kind of works both ways,” described Hong. 

“We are leaning towards a more soulful atmosphere, not super hectic techno for 13 hours straight, rather leading into the techno towards the end of the night to cap everything off. The overall genre will, however, still be groovy, soulful house music,” Hong elaborated. 

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