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By Anakin Curtis

 De Wallen is bringing its unique brand of “Dirty, Sexy Rock ‘n Roll” to the legendary Thursday band nights at Bohemia. Starting on 4 August, Bohemia will be hosting their latest concert series titled “Zamalekker Rock ‘n’ Roll”. De Wallen will be there on the first night, so Die Matie spoke to the band to find out what to expect. 

De Wallen started in late 2011 when Jeandré Swanepoel (aka “Pikkie”) had the idea to form a band with his mates Dawid Bosman and Pieter Bekker. The band’s membership has changed several times throughout the years, with only Pikkie and Pieter still rocking out since day one. Currently, their roster consists of Swanepoel (vocals), Bekker (rhythm guitar), Emile Maritz (lead guitar), Rudolph Heinen (bass guitar) and Etienne Fourie (drums). 

 “Stellies is, and always will be, De Wallen home ground, making every gig played from 2011 special to the band,” Maritz said. 

Band nights at Bohos have been an essential feature of campus nightlife for many years. With the drastic changes caused by years of lockdown, the task of finding a solid place to party in Stellies has become a bit more precarious, but Bohos has remained a safe space for students thirsty for a Zamalek and some hard rock. 

“De Wallen will give 110% to bring the Dirty, Sexy Rock ‘n Roll party vibes to you. The setlist for the evening was set up to bring the party spirit after a long day of class. Go check out De Wallen on all platforms, and get yourself ready for a blast of a night,” Maritz added. 

Catch De Wallen live at Bohemia on 4 August. Entry is free, and remember to wear shoes that will not get lost in the mosh pit! Fans can also follow De Wallen on Instagram @dwallenband. 

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