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By Ciara Shaye Seaman

It is said that it takes Stellenbosch residents a month to settle into the chill of winter before going out regularly again, but why wait? Whether students want to support their peers or expose themselves to new cultural experiences, Stellenbosch is well prepared to entertain in this regard this winter. 


As one may have seen, the Stellenbosch University (SU) drama department has begun showcasing their students’ plethora of skills in their selected plays. If one has already missed the department’s two previous productions this year, there will certainly be other chances to catch their future performances. The Honours students’ projects will be running throughout the second semester and are bound to give one a taste of the culture of our student community.

In order to step outside the student realm for some thespian delights, the various productions and performances at the Drostdy Theatre may be a good choice. 


To enrich one’s cultural taste musically, the SU music department is the place to look to. Their students are hard at work presenting the best classical music in its various modes and enlightening genres. Their selection of performances includes the lunch concert series, public exams for bite-sized pleasures, and—for the chance to listen to the orchestra perform—the Endler concert series. 

Alternatively, if rock music is the goal, Aandklas is the place to go with their live gigs and open mic nights, which are perfectly catered to rock lovers’ musical enjoyment. 


The SU Choir is recognised as the number-one choir in the world on the INTERKULTUR World Ranking List of the top 1000 international choirs—and what a privilege it is to be able to attend their regular performances. The choir has returned to the stage and is ready for us to indulge in its beautiful, mellifluous sound. Even for those who do not understand all four languages featured in the songs, the lunchtime concerts are a great opportunity to listen to their harmonies. It is also a good idea to keep an ear out for their major showcases to absorb the full intensity of their talent. 

So as winter sets in and we begin to bundle up, it may be worth stepping out of our blankets for an evening or two, despite the cold, to enjoy the arts on display in our town, celebrate the talents of other SU students and increase our cultural exposure. 

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