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Those of us who have left the house during a time of online learning may have noticed a fresh face in town. Senior students will remember, next to Bohemia in Andringa Street, stood a bar called Happy Oak. However, that bar closed down last year. Luckily, a new pub has taken its place.

Dorp Bar opened on 26 April and it has already attracted many young people – students especially – with its lively atmosphere. 

It’s no surprise that the pub is quickly garnering success since its owner is also the mastermind behind the hugely famous Aandklas. Dorp can be described as the classier sibling. It has the same electric, dynamic feeling but with an added element of class. 

“It’s nice to have a clean space,” said Corlia Hattingh, a postgraduate education student. 

“The decor is gorgeous. I love the lemon wall and neon signs. Clearly designed with Instagram in mind; the signs are placed conveniently in spots that are good to photograph. I loved the outside area and the couches upstairs, as well as the big upstairs windows that overlook the courtyard,” said Tara Hall, a second-year BA (Fine Arts) student. 

There are also an array of neon signs with ‘Instagrammable’ slogans like, “Your comfort zone will kill you”. You can even catch a sports game on their bar side TVs. 

Their food menu has everything from the good old faithful burger to fresh poke bowls and French-dipped brisket. 

Katja Marsigla, a second-year BA (Fine Arts) student, said, “The food looked good and had a pretty layout and decent prices.”  

Hall added, “The menu looks amazing! Some things I worry won’t be popular among students, like mussels or squid with pork stuffing – just, why?”  

Dorp’s Instagram bio proclaims that they are “a Premium Punk Bar with delicious, eclectic food in the heart of Stellenbosch,” and that sentiment carries over. 

“It had a pleasant vibe with grungy undertones. It reminded me of a more classy version of where Kurt Cobain might have hung out,” said Marsigla.   

 She continued, “Definitely a great place to vibe and meet up with friends to grab a bite or a drink.” 

So if you are looking for a new spot to explore, with delicious food and affordable drinks, go visit Dorp Bar.

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