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If you find yourself at the Hofmeyrsaal next week Thursday, you’re in for more than just a show. BrotherBrother promises an evening filled with intimate, indoor picnic vibes and easy-going, Indie folk music.

Theunis van der Merwe, one of the guitarists and vocalists, and bassist of the band, wants you to feel at home, “like you’re in our living room and we’re playing for you.”

Three-part vocals, warm harmonies, and relatable human storytelling shine through their songs. With all the band members having roots in the Karoo, that connection influences their music. “We also find big inspiration out of that time of our lives. The Karoo, the openness, the silence,” says Van der Merwe. “That rawness.” It gives them a lekker local spin on folk music inspired by the likes of The Lumineers and Mumford & Sons.

After about four years together, they’re only getting started. Recently BrotherBrother has performed at more and more shows and festivals, they’re heard on radio stations like MFM, RSG, Bok Radio and more, and they have music videos on kykNET and VIA.

Van der Merwe said they’re moving into a direction where they’re not just “a band that happened to be playing in a corner in the back when you pitch up somewhere random”. They’re a crowd favourite and plan to change things up on the fifth of March. Devoted fans, as well as first-timers, will discover something fresh in the experimentation of their songs as well as a few surprises.

With more recordings keeping them busy, upcoming music videos and an impressive lineup of shows and festivals, BrotherBrother is steadily on their way to making a bigger name for themselves countrywide.

Van der Merwe holds onto the words that if your dreams don’t scare you, then they’re not big enough. He says, “Dream big, even if people laugh at you or even if you don’t think it’s possible. Don’t doubt. Dream big. Put in everything, en ja, just do it.”

Their show is guaranteed to be something you don’t want to miss.

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