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Dagbreek men’s residence is pre­senting their tenth annual Straat­myl on 4 March, where they will participate in a mile-long run along Victoria Street at 18:00.

The Straatmyl is held in honour of De Villiers Lamprecht, Stellen­bosch University’s (SU) very own Matie athlete, who was the first South African (SA) athlete to run a dream mile.

There will be seven races with thirteen divisions. These divisions include boys and girls from as young as thirteen years old and a masters division for adults over forty-five years old. There will also be an open men and women’s divi­sion, which is said to attract large numbers.

This year, athletes Jerry Motsau and Luan Munnik will be com­peting in the Straatmyl for the first time. Motsau is a recurring SA champion in 1500m and has won a bronze medal at the World Stu­dent Games.

“I am so excited to be part of [the] Dagbreek street mile this year. I am really looking forward [to it]” Motsau says.

Motsau and Munnik will be ri­vals in the streets come 4 March, but day-to-day they are much more than that.

“Knowing Jerry as a close friend and [an] even closer train­ing partner, he’s always a consist­ently tough athlete and a force to be reckoned with,” Munnik says.

Munnik is a junior champion of the 1500m and was the first jun­ior at the Eden Mile series to run a dream mile. He says that he is thrilled to be participating.

Motsau and Munnik will be fac­ing each other in a dream mile, for which Munnik says he is “on the grind and preparing extra hard for”.

“Luan is without a doubt tal­ented and is always my toughest competition when we race togeth­er,” says Motsau.

Racing on foot is not the only thing to look forward to when at­tending the Straatmyl. Dagbreek also hosts the only mile-long skate-boarding race in SA.

A DJ and a dance crew called “The Unknown”, from the “Make Me Famous” reality series, will provide the entertainment.

Prizes and medals will be up for grabs, and a lucky draw will also take place.

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