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Count this week’s entertainment sorted with music from Dope Folks and Coriander Colin coming to town once again. The two groups are releasing new singles for Die Mystic Boer’s klein Saterdag Lift Off performances. Coriander Colin is inspired by multiple genres and plans on making something fresh with what they’ve drawn from. They don’t want a set genre and are making their own way in the local musical industry.

Accompanying their unique take on music, Coriander Colin are breaking moulds with their planned, larger than normal album that will be released in consecutive seasons. Their Wednesday performance will be revealing several selected songs from across their album’s spread as well as their new release, “High”. The band is proud of their “Whack sounds” that stem from lengthy experimentation in their recording studio and let it show in their music.

In the words of the band members themselves it’s going to be “weird
s**t”, interesting, appealing and, overall, good music.” Dope Folks is also coming to the Wednesday night show with heaps of passion and a dedication to their music. Initial lyrics were penned by lead singer Marius van Coller – a.k.a. MC – and a fateful jam session resulted in the band’s formation.

Though they all profess to having differing style and taste, they see this as a positive as they all bring something unique to the band. They love playing in Stellenbosch and love the “awesome energy” the town throws back at them while performing. The music is original and something that is evidently close to the band’s heart. The band’s history includes no dry spot and they admit to having lots of material to work with.

The band members themselves are Stellenbosch locals and describe themselves as being “from the culture”. Their new release, “Cocaine babe”, is to be looked forward to. The overall impression that emerges when one sits down with Dope Folks is their unashamed respect for the music. Something both bands appear to share is their novelty, experience and fresh take on what they love – music.

Die Mystic Boer’s Wednesday night is sizing up to be one to remember wit Coriander Colin and Dope Folks coming in hot with their dual release.

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