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Aces Tutoring started off as a small business with a website that “looked like it was put to-gether by a preschooler”, according to founder Paul Roux.

Today, however, it has twenty-five tutors, mostly third year students, that assist their clients with subjects from most faculties. Roux established Aces in 2018. Originally it was named “Crush Your Commerce”, seeing that tutoring services were limited to BCom students, but the business soon morphed into Aces Tutoring as they branched out to other subjects.

Tutoring takes place either at the Stellenbosch University (SU) library, Roux’s house or the client’s house, depending on what the client is most comfortable with. According to Roux, tutoring is to help people with academics in an extra-curricular way.

The idea is to build relationships with the clients and to walk with them through the experience. Roux explained, “I was not tutored when I was studying and that is where I saw the need for extra help around campus.

I have a passion for tutoring, and I would not be doing this if I did not like it, because I have other degrees that I could do something with if I wanted to.

It started as a way to generate a little extra income but after a while I realised that I can make a living off of this business.” He said that some of his groups consist out of two or three people, while other Aces tutors assist about ten people per day.

Aces started advertising on SUjustkidding’s Insta-gram, improved their website and have created their very own Instagram and Facebook pages.

“When we reach fifty or sixty tutors we will start advertising commercially, but for now we want the business to grow generically,” Roux said.

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