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George van Dyk

BRYNN is a promising folk rock band stepping onto the scene.

This five-piece alternative/folk rock band based in Cape Town, recently released their debut single, ‘About Time’, from their forthcoming debut album. It is set to be released in March 2018.

The band started three years ago as a three piece alternative/folk rock band but later grew into the 5 man band we
know and love today. The members of Hezron Chetty (Violen), David Van Vuuren (Vocalist and Guitar), Eddy Kriel (Drummer), Alex Smillie (Bass and Sound Engineer) and Jules Terea (lead Singer).

“We recorded a full album at Popsicle Studios, a small independent fullscale sound recording and production studio, and have been performing relentlessly around the Cape. It’s been a hell of a ride since,” said lead singer and rhythm guitarist Jules Terea.

BRYNN appears to be a musical act focused on emotion and their audience. They say that people are the muse to their music.

“There’s a huge focus on emotion and the human experience. People are our muse,” said Terea. “Each member of the band shares that desire to connect emotionally with an audience.”

They also described their creative freedom as “priceless”. Terea went on to add that their major aspirations for the year include touring as much as possible, thereby performing for as large a variety of audiences as possible.

“Knowing that anywhere in the world, there’s maybe 1000 people who connect with our music and love what we do. That’s the dream,” Terea added.

Terea said that good music to her is music that was written by an artist that means a lot to them. It is also important
for him that music is played with conviction and passion “to the point where every note is felt.”

“If these things are the case, then it doesn’t matter what style of music is played, it will always be beautiful.”

Photo: Tatyana Levana

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