Rocking the right way: tips from experienced rockers

Wianda Gilliland

Spring has sprung and the daisies are about to rock. Each year students from all over the country flock to the Darling-based music festival, Rocking the Daisies, which is famous for great fashion, better music and all-round good vibes.

Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure smooth sailing, absolutely no regrets and an experience you will never forget.

1. Business at the bottom, party at the top
When planning your rocking outfits, don’t pack your most extravagant, uncomfortable glitter boots. Tekkies and plakkies are what it’s all about. You do not want to struggle in pain from stage to stage, and you certainly do not want to ruin your perfectly white sneaks. So go all out with your clothes and accessories, but keep your feet comfy.

2. Snack hacks
Make sure you pack your favourite snacks to fill up your tummy when you go to fill up your cup. The food stalls are amazing, but their prices aren’t. Save some cash by stocking up on granola bars, chips, buns (ultimate snack hack: the chip-bun), biltong, apples and sweets. You will be especially grateful for these at 3 AM before bed.

3. Create a campsite kingdom
Transform your campsite into a chill-hub by getting a few camping chairs and lots of picnic blankets. Also have two tents: one for sleeping and one for luggage. Rather fit four people in a 2-man tent and put all your bags in the second tent in order to keep your luggage out of the way and in control (sort of, it will get a bit messy either way). Top off your kingdom by getting a flag to mark your territory and to locate your tent easily amongst the thousands.

4. The drinks
To some, this is the most important aspect. Premix all your drinks in Pump water bottles so that you can just grab and go. Get some dry ice for your cooler box to keep the drinks ice-cold. Just remember to drink water as well; dehydration really spoils your fun.

5. The hygiene
Dry shampoo and wet wipes are your friends. Take a hand towel that you can wet and use to wipe off your face or your skin. Also remember to take three cans of deodorant, one for each day. The combination of smoke, sweat and alcohol is not the most pleasant odour.

6. Plan your bands
Arrange with your crew what bands you want to see perform. It is impossible to try and see each band, since they perform at the same times on different stages. Prioritise and plan, and avoid crew clashes. But don’t stress too much if you miss something; just enjoy wherever you end up.

7. Bring your meds
Hay fever is a thing, and a very unpleasant thing when you’re having a good time. Bring some painkillers, Berocca and plasters to keep the good times rolling.

8. Lock your tents
For possible thieves, but also for those drunk wanderers looking for a nice, unlocked tent to take a nap in.

9. Fear the cold
Yes, the days might be sunny and cheerful, but once it gets dark and the wind picks up on the fun, you can easily become annoyed and get pneumonia. Pack a warm jacket, long pants and cosy pyjamas. A crop top and micro shorts do not stand a chance in those evening weather conditions.

10. You do you, boo
Daisies is actually just one giant playground; the only difference is the kids are allowed to drink. So go and be free, young one. Enjoy every moment, because the weekend goes by faster than your favourite song in De Lapa.

11. Buddy system
Avoid going somewhere alone, because you will probably get lost and/or lose all your friends in the process. Having a buddy means you will always have someone to party with, even if it is in the bathroom queue.

Photo: Rocking the Daisies

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