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Teboho Mokonyana

The Maties Women’s Football team has made significant progress in the SASOL Women’s League.

This league is the top league in women’s football in the Western Cape, meaning that the team has developed well in a competitive environment.

However, after suffering a shocking 4-1 defeat to Santos last Friday, the team had to reflect on their progress, goals, and areas to develop.

According to the coach, Ellroy Smith, the team has moved nine places up the league table, putting them on the right track to achieving their goal of finishing the season in the top 8.

“A month ago we were in 15th position and we’ve moved up to 9th place, so there is definitely some progress. We have played some very tough matches over the last few weeks and there are tougher ones coming up within the near future with UWC (University of the Western Cape) and Roses, the top 2 teams,” said Smith.

The coach maintains that, given his team’s performance, he is confident that they can achieve their target.

“We are definitely pushing for a top 8 finish and if we can continue playing the way we have been over the past games, then we should achieve the target,” explained Smith.

However, team captain Evangelina Alexander believes that there are still some improvements to be made.

When asked where the team can improve, she was quick to identify communication.

“In this game [against Santos] nobody spoke to each other during the game; things like ‘there’s a player on you’, ‘switch up the play’, none of that. So there was definitely lack of communication.”

The women’s team’s improvement so far this season largely owes to the addition of new players and the introduction of new technical staff.

“This season is an entirely different ball game compared to last season, because a lot of players left, so we had to create a new and totally different team with new management, staff and training drills,” said Melissa May, the team’s right back.

Although there is still a lot of improvement to be made by the team, the league as a whole can improve as well.

“Some of the bottom teams in the league are struggling and the top ones are brilliant, so the league still has to improve as a whole to close the gap,” explained Sabrina Miles, the team’s left winger.

May further went on to stress the importance of the team playing in the SASOL League.

“It should be an honour for Maties to be in this league. I think we have played the SASOL league for about eight years now. We are already in the middle of the league table,” said May.


Photo: Teboho Mokonyana

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