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By Hannah Theron

The month of August is annually celebrated as Women’s Month in South Africa. As such, Die Matie spoke to students on campus regarding women who inspire them.

Rue Jansen, second-year BA (Language and Culture) 

“I think Winnie Mandela inspires me because . . . her strength empowers me, her courage empowers me . . . her not caring what other people think about her — I think that inspires me.” 

Jessica Botha, first-year LLB

“Probably my gran . . . . [S]he was in an abusive marriage and throughout the whole thing she always remained so positive, . . . and she’s such a strong woman today.” 

Tyler West, first-year BCom (Management Sciences) 

“My mom [inspires me] because after her divorce, she completely focused on me and supporting me and getting me to where I am today.” 

Stefani Terblanche, third-year BA (International Studies)

“Greta Thunberg, who is a young climate change activist who just shows how much the youth can really do, [inspires me].” 

Leonay Botha, second-year LLB

“Nina Simone [inspires me] because she’s a music legend. . . . She [didn’t] really fit in the then bracket of femininity . . . so she didn’t really subscribe to . . . women norms, and I just really like that she was just herself.”  

Chleo Pheiffer, third-year BSC (Biodiversity and Ecology)

“I would choose FKA Twigs . . . [because] she’s a really creative person. . . . As a creative person myself, I find her very inspirational because she finds a good way of channeling her trauma and her life in general into her music and her dancing.”

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