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By Kobus Erasmus and Emma Hamman

Cape Town-based band Lost//Youth released their debut EP, Chasing Shadows, in January of this year. The alt-rock quartet consists of Alanna Joy (vocals), Charlie Charles (bass guitar), Faghri Hendricks (electric guitar) and Teddy Frazer (drums).

“I have been singing, apparently, before I could talk,” Joy explained about the roots of her passion for music. After playing various open mics as a teenager and meeting her bandmates, she decided to pursue music full-time. 

Lost//Youth officially became a band during the COVID-19 lockdown when they spent long periods of time jamming and experimenting together. When asked about the origin of their band name, Charles explained that it ties in with the fact that “we all lost two years to isolation.” 

Joy added that she “can’t imagine how it must have felt being a teenager during [the lockdown].”

Joy described the band’s sound as being a combination of rock and folk, with influences ranging from artists like Tracy Chapman and Hozier to iconic bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Queens of the Stone Age. Their unique ability to bring forth something new whilst simultaneously staying true to a more classic sound keeps any old soul coming back for more.

“[We make music] for people going through something,” Charles elaborated. 

In songs like “Sinner”, Joy’s vocal ability really shines. Her stellar performance is beautifully accentuated by the mellow instrumentals and sombre lyrics. 

Joy’s advice to new artists would be to “take time to think about what you want to say and what your sound should be”. 

She also noted that it is important to stay mindful of the fact that “the music business is a business” and that there are many less creative steps behind the scenes that are necessary to release music successfully. 

Joy noted that being part of the South African rock scene is challenging, especially for English rock music. However, with a nationwide tour on the horizon and plans for a second EP, Lost//Youth have a very promising year ahead of them.

Chasing Shadows is now available on all streaming platforms, and the band can be found on Instagram and Facebook @lostyouthofficial.

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