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There might not be many fierce rivalries between the various Stellenbosch University (SU) clusters, but their meeting at the annual Maties Newcomer Athletics somewhat awakens the competitive spirit. After a day of running, skipping and jumping, AmaMaties walked away victorious at Last Thursday’s Newcomer Athletics, leaving the other clusters groveling in the Coetzenburg Stadium dust.

Newcomers from all seven SU clusters took part in events that included sprints, hurdles, long distance and relays, with two to three newcomers representing each cluster in the respective events. At the end of the evening, House Committee members from various residences also took part in relays against each other with the newcomers cheering them on. 

Ingrid Tredoux, a first year BSc (Laser Physics) student from Nemesia competed for AmaMaties in the 60m hurdles and relays. 

“It was really cool. I really liked the support but it got a bit empty towards the end. But the gees was always there so it was a really nice experience. Everyone tried to compete even though we are not the best, which was really great,” Tredoux said.

The night ended with Rubix in third place, VicMeyr in second place and AmaMaties taking first place overall.

Sejal Debideen, one of the VicMeyr cluster conveners said, “I’m very proud of VicMeyr being placed 2nd overall in the Maties newcomer athletics. We like to encourage our cluster to participate in these events as it creates a sense of community and an environment where the people of VicMeyr, who share a passion for something, in this case athletics, can meet people within their immediate community and bond over this shared experience.”

Maryam Adams, one of the AmaMaties cluster conveners said, “It is beautiful to see the positive energy within the Cluster. During welcoming a strong bond was formed amongst the newcomers and last night you could see that in the way in which everyone encouraged each other. Allison (also a convener) and I, were very impressed by the participation and support. Winning is just the cherry on the top.”

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