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We have featured the multi-talented Kirsty Adams, singer, songwriter, violinist and composer, as well BMus and MMus graduate from Stellenbosch University (SU), in Die Matie before. Now she is back with a bang with a new music video for her song, “Distraction”, released on 25 September. Still obsessed with her debut video for the single, “Fly Away”, Die Matie decided to go have a look at this new one – and we’re in love!

Adams’ unique combination of soul, jazz, and classical backgrounds shines through in her interesting use of harmony and instrumentation in climactic moments. The song’s intimate, and intensely emotional atmosphere is effectively complemented by the simple piano accompaniment, clean melodies and the black and white cinematography in the video. The video, which features Adams alone with her piano, successfully represents the feeling of solitude that accompanies unrequited love. Adams explained how the visual aspects of the video reflect the meaning created by the music: “With the black and white cinematography, I responded to the song in its sonic realm. It is very simple, and I, therefore, responded to it from a colour perspective more simply. But it is also symbolically a distant memory. In that sense I feel like it is quite a flashback – this is supported by the video’s almost vintage feel.”

Adams has emphasised how her music is inspired by personal experiences functioning as a reflection and response to them, and “Distraction” is no exception.

“The inspiration for the song stems from the experience of a love interest that I had in my first year of studies at the Music Department. I wrote this song in a practice room, in just one session – I felt so strongly about it. I didn’t know how to convey my feelings to someone at 19,” Adams said. She also describes the song as a “pouring out of emotions from someone who was very shy and hesitant to come out with her feelings.”

Adams emphasised how important woman empowerment is for her, and that this is why she purposefully chooses to work with a female team in the production of her music videos. She is currently working with the Cape Town-based fashion videographer, Paige Fiddles, as well as the director, Casey Diepeveen, also from Cape Town.

“I am constantly trying to meet up with female creatives within the local space of Cape Town. I really am astounded by the talent that is around, that is unfortunately not being seen very often, so I want to encourage this female power within the arts industry,” explained Adams.

“Distraction” just shows us once again – Kirsty Adams is a name to remember. Go and check it out at, as well as her previous video for “Fly Away”:

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