Long Donkeys pull a win on the weekend


Sunday’s scorching heat saw the Long Donkeys Ultimate Frisbee team from Pietermaritzburg triumph at The South African Ultimate Mixed Nationals in Stellenbosch this past weekend, with the Flying Tigers of UCT taking theSpirit of the Game award.

Teams from all over the country, most of them from the Western Cape, met each other on the field during the competition, with players representing their respective club or university teams. The competition was held from 26 – 28 April at Coetzenberg.

Petro van Eck, a member of the Maties team, said, “It was an amazing experience to be the hosting team for this tournament – it gave the opportunity for many Maties Ultimate players, and it spread the awareness of the sport even further.”

The Maties first team finished in ninth place, while the Maties second team finished 16th overall.

Van Eck continued, “For me the highlight of the tournament was the two-fold exhibition game that took place on Friday night between the Wild Dogs (SA’s u/24 team) and a barbarian team. Also seeing how the participants in the tournament enjoy playing ultimate [Frisbee], and just see- ing them enjoy the tournament in general.”

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