Live animals as mascots: cool or cruel?

Kathryn van den Berg asked students whether they think that residences should be allowed to keep live animals as mascots. Janique Oliver brought her camera along.

AJ Cordy

BSc (Physics)

“I think it is fine as long as the people caring for the animal doesn’t bother the animal. I also think it is important that they do not hurt the animal in any way.”


Laura Jackson

BEng (Industrial)

“I think it’s acceptable as long as where the animal is staying is fine. Also, as long as you are letting it go outside and feeding it, it’s okay to have a live mascot.”


Teriso Rhaoale

BA (International Studies)

“If they are really nice to the animal, it should be fine. If there is hard evidence showing that they are not treating the animal well, by all means take the animal away.”


Matthew Lotter


“Who is taking care of them? Are a bunch of ‘frat boys’ taking care of them or is it the HK? Are they being cared for correctly? If not, that is animal cruelty.”


Brayden Pather

BCom (Actuarial Science)

“I think they should be able to keep it as long as they take care of the animal and look after it. There should be rules in place so that a res shouldn’t be able to mess with animals.”

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