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The newly elected Student Repre-sentative Council (SRC) are aspiring to great heights with a new year lying ahead of them.

So far, meetings regarding the election of the internal committee, as well as the chairperson of the SRC, have been scheduled. The SRC will pursue, with more urgency, the appointment of persons to managerial positions within the SRC, as well as to the disciplinary committee which previously took longer than anticipated by the outgoing SRC.

According to Alex van Greuning, SRC member for 2018/2019, to promote and emphasise the spirit of accountability and transparency, the new Council aims to release the SRC budget as soon as possible. The SRC of 2018/2019 is set on being as transparent as possible, although plans for the upcoming year will only be set into motion after the election of the Chairperson.

“I would like to acknowledge the outgoing SRC for an outstanding term of o ce, with the amendment of the student constitution, the establishment of the short-term strategic fund and the mental health awareness campaign standing out as achievements from their year,” Van Greuning said in a gesture towards the SRC of 2017/2018.

The previous SRC elections had a greater overall vote from Stellenbosch University students, while more candidates stood for the SRC in this year’s elections.


See the results below:

src election results 2018

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