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KuKo recently announced that “Sêr” will now be referred to as “SU Acapella”. Hélene Leonard spoke to Maties to hear how they feel about the name change.

“I think it’s more inclusive and it’s time for Stellenbosch University to start making plans for more stepping stones like this.”

– Kapena Kandanga




“I like traditional things and therefore prefer the word ‘Sêr’. But the University is changing and transformation is taking place and I guess we need to go with it.”

– Travis Outram




“Persoonlik, vir my as ’n buitestaander van die Sêr groepe, voel ek nie dat dit rerig verander aan die vertoning daarvan nie, ‘Sêr’ bly net ‘Sêr’, net met ’n ander naam.’’

– Zinia Viljoen




“I think small changes like ‘SU Acapella’ really represents Stellenbosch. It is more inclusive towards the general feeling of the university.”

– Chantino Johnson






“I personally do not like the name SU Acapella, being a current Sêr member. I feel that Sêr was more personal to the University of Stellenbosch.”

– Robin Farmer

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