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Luke Smith

PXLS take the shape and form of a five-piece permanently-evolving psychedelic punk band that is a little rough around the edges, but that is how they like it.

The band is made up of Ruan Vos (lead guitar), Lourens Swart (bass guitar), Neil Buchner Jr vocals and guitar) and Rowan Slemon (drummer). The five got together at the beginning of 2017 and have been jamming out ever since.

This seems to be the staple of the band – jamming.

“We try to keep our shows as spontaneous as possible. Like, before a show we will jam for a bit and whatever we come up with, we try to play that that evening. It keeps things exciting and new,” explained Swart.

After a year and a half playing together, the band explained that it is still trying to find its sound and that it is always evolving.

“Every time we pick up our instruments, we find each of us bringing something new to the table,” said Vos.

When asked how they would describe their music or who their influences are, the band became very vocal.

“We don’t want to sound like anyone else, we try not be influenced too heavily by other bands, you know?” said Swart.

However, the band reached a consensus and remarked that at their core, they are a Psychedelic Punk band that is not afraid to push the limits of any genre at any time.

PXLS have been busy over the past year performing all over from Die Mystic Boer in Stellenbosch to Trenchtown in Observatory, Cape Town with bands such as Black Lung and Julia Robert.
The band has decided to take some time off to focus on their up and coming EP scheduled for release some time in June/July.

Photo: Lauren Thomas

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