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As the end of the year draws near, so does the next exam season. Many dedicated students have already gotten into a groove with their study schedules, and Die Matie is here to help. We have compiled a list of Netflix comedy shows with episodes no longer than 30 minutes, so you can enjoy a perfectly timed break on us. Just be careful though, as some of our recommendations may just be too good to resist that “next episode” button. 

The Good Place | 2016 | 22min | 4 seasons

Created by sitcom legend Michael Schur, The Good Place chronicles the afterlife of Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell). Schur’s tongue-in-cheek take on heaven, or rather, “the good place”, produces both profound questions and hilarious imagery. In this utopia, where residents are nothing short of angelic and one is granted their every wish, Eleanor realises that she is an imposter. Follow along as she desperately tries to uphold her charade as a good person while the world comes crashing down around her. Pro tip – if you are planning on watching this one (and do not want any spoilers) absolutely do not Google it beforehand. You can thank us later.

Grace and Frankie | 2015 | 25-30min | 7 seasons

Grace and Frankie’s world is ripped out from under them when their husbands of 40 years come out as being gay and in love with each other. Previously family frenemies, the elegant, put-together Grace and the free-spirited, frazzled Frankie form an unbreakable bond when they are both left husbandless and homeless. This genius series taps into the previously unexplored world of the juvenile geriatric. 

Superstore | 2015 | 22min | 6 seasons (with five currently available on Netflix)

America Ferrera leads an ensemble cast in this fresh take on a workplace comedy. The show kicks off when Jonah Simms, a know-it-all business school dropout, takes a job in customer service. An array of eccentric personalities emerges from Cloud 9, the fictional big box store that provides the backdrop for Superstore. This light-hearted series with mostly standalone plotlines is perfect for quick study breaks or a recess-long binge.

Russian Doll | 2019 | 24-30min | 1 season

Fans of Orange is the New Black and But I’m a Cheerleader will be glad to hear that Natasha Lyonne has mastered yet another genre. Nadia Vulvokov, portrayed by Lyonne, dies tragically on the evening of her 36th birthday. Just when she is convinced that all is lost, she finds herself right back at her birthday party earlier that evening. It is only when she dies and returns to that moment again that she realises that she is trapped in a loop. This adventure comedy will leave you enthralled with Nadia’s existential spiral. 

Lovesick | 2014 | 21-27min | 3 seasons

Dylan, a twenty-something not-so-eligible bachelor, finds out that he has contracted an STD. The aptly named Lovesick follows his journey down memory lane as he contacts every single sexual partner from his past. With lots of British humour and much too little tact, this series is not to be missed. 

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