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Maties Tug-of-War prepares for their biggest challenge yet since their inception. The maroon lads are competing in the regional club championship on 22 May in Malmesbury. 

Head coach, Petrus Frick, has been strategically practicing overcoming their competitors in all categories. The u/23 division of Maties Tug-Of-War, is extremely focused and looks good for the ultimate prize.

The tug-of-war game works a lot like boxing. The two sports are similar, because the contest is between weighted oppositions. Teams have to weigh in before competitions. For example, the eight men in the u/23 men’s 600kg team, must collectively weigh less than 600kg. When competing, teams in the same weight category pull against each other. The teams with the most points commence to the finals. 

The different weight categories are as follows: 560kg men, U/23 600kg men, 640kg men, 680kg men, 720kg men, 500kg women, U/23 500kg woman, 540kg woman, U/23 560kg mix and 580kg mix. In preparation for competitions, team members may diet and train to get to the right weight.

According to Frick, the lads have been focusing on strength and stamina in preparation for the big event. During practice, two teams pull against each other with a tree in the middle to create a certain angle. “This allows for longer pulls and creates stamina,” says the head coach. It also improves one’s technique. For strength, they do basic power exercises and incorporate it into tug-of-war.

The team will be facing more than ten different clubs at regionals. These clubs include Overberg, Eden, Helderberg, Pretoria Tug-of-War club (PTC), Kuilsrivier and many more. Frick is confident the great maroon will sparkle under his reins.

Due to COVID-19, no spectators are allowed at games. Regardless, Frick says that arrangements may be made for someone who wants to be a spectator. 

The Maties Tug-of-War team currently has 27 athletes, and it is easy to sign up, according to Frick. Students can find affiliation and application forms on their Instagram page @maties_tug_of_war. Students may join a practice before committing to join. 

Training started this term. The team meets four days of the week – from Monday to Thursday at 17:30. Training takes place at Danie Craven.

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