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The second semester is upon us with it long nights in the library (and several late nights out on the town). Unfortunately, those late nights don’t necessarily go hand in hand with your ambition to fit into your Matric farewell dress or suit for when House Dance comes around. But do not fear – you can still enjoy your Silly Season while achieving your health and body goals.

Staple diet of cheap wine

It might just ask for a change in the classic ‘back-to-uni’ staple diet of 2-minute noodles and cheap wine. Quick weight loss programs, dieting and fasting is the optimal solution according to Instagram and some social media influencers, but if you are truly serious about improving your health and wellbeing, these might not be the most healthy (or long-term) options.


Staying active during the cold weather might not be your first choice when you can stay in bed and stream Netflix all day. But, let’s be honest, your Inetkey quota is running low, your four walled bedroom is not that exciting and it’s Silly Season – embrace your social life by training with friends.

Take a hike

Taking a hike up to Coetzenberg or doing the weekly Parkrun with your friends is the ideal way to enjoy the stunning Stellenbosch scenery and get into a good workout routine and discipline. It’s always intimidating to start with a new exercise regime, but fear not – there are many awesome apps to help you achieve your goal.

An app a day keeps the fat away

Nike Run Club App is one of the best assisted training apps and is 100% free. You can track all your runs, connect it with your fitness devices and use the app to build a personalised training program. It’s a good way to stay motivated as you form part of a global community each trying to achieve their goals.

Stay zen

Yoga and Pilates are lower-intensity workouts which is good for toning, strengthening and stress relief. There are many studios in and around Stellenbosch, but a studio is not a necessity. The great thing about yoga is that you can practice it any- time, anywhere and you form part of a broader community also aimed at improving their wellbeing.

Choosing something you actually enjoy will have long-term benefits. Don’t torture yourself by waking up every morning at 05:00 for an intense bootcamp session if it’s just going to make you miserable.

There are several fitness and health instructors active on YouTube, including our very own Henry le Roux, founder of Organic Calories. Ultimately, your happiness and health come first, choose something you love doing.

Small changes can make a big difference, as cliché as it may seem –maybe just start by pairing your regular gin with some sugar free tonic.

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