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Tess Vengadajellum

Getting around in Stellenbosch while still taking the environment into consideration has become easier thanks to Poynt Bikes bicycle company.

The company allows people to rent bicycles through an app. The bicycles can be picked up at differ­ent points in Stellenbosch. Poynt was already developed in 2015, but the fo­cus for the majority of the time since then has been centred on developing the mobile application platform.

According to Matthew Page, the co-founder of Poynt, the app will be released in Stellenbosch soon. Page said that the company offers a sustainable, eco-friendly and cost-effective service to the Stellenbosch community. The touristy atmosphere of the town inspired the co-founders to start the company in Stellenbosch.

“Stellenbosch offers stunning summer weather, and the town boasts infrastructure that supports safe cycling” said Poynt.

The bicycles can be rented by downloading Poynt’s app and picking up a bicycle at the nearest Poynt station. Users can purchase daily, weekly, monthly or yearly plans with a once off fee which allows for unlimited rentals to get around town.

Stations are situated in Banghoek Road and Adringa Street. Alistair Glehn, sales and operation manager of Poynt, said that the company would be happy to arrange organised functions for big groups.

“More stations will soon be in­cluded to increase the reach and ease of use,” he continued.

Glehn added that technology is the major driver of Poynt’s future.

“We hope to drive the eco-friendly transport revolution in Stellenbosch by making it easy, virtual and fun to get from A to B.”

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