Author: Rachele Button

QueerUs takes control of ‘Ag Mei’ week with pride

CARLA VISAGIE THE QueerUS society hosted a se- ries of events from 7 to 10 May to create a space for the queer com- munity to express themselves. “[The week was] in reference to the homophobic primary school joke “Ag Mei”, so it’s like we’re claim- ing the word and took it back just like we’ve done with the word queer and now we are using it positively,”said Paul Joubert, vice-chair of QueerUS. Ag Mei week kicked off withtwo discussion platforms to provide an opportunity to engage about gender and identity. Brave Space was held on 7 May and,...

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Something phishy in your email

MIA VAN DER MERWE Phishing can be a big problem. Phishing warnings flood the inboxes of students at Stellenbosch Uni- versity (SU) at regular intervals, alerting users against fraudulent emails containing links that could infect their devices with viruses.Damage on an infiltrated device is very difficult to fix. Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies or credible individuals asking for login information, in order to ploy individuals to reveal their personal information. The hacker sends an email with a link and gets hold of personal information such as passwords and other intellectual...

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How to handle major exam loads

ANNERI COETZEE Officially kicking off next week Tuesday, the first round of exams for Maties are here. Some students are more prepared than others. So, what does one do when you have forty-five chapters to memorize and only twenty-four hours to memorise it? The first thing you should do when you’re unprepared for an upcoming exam and the clock is ticking, is to remain calm, says Dr Eileen Sinclair, head of the Unit for Academic Counselling and Development at the Centre for Student Counselling Development (CSCD/ SSVO). The Yerkes-Dodson law, coined by educational psychologists Robert Yerkes and John Dodson,...

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Coffee or Cough-E: where to get your fix for the exams

MIKE WRIGHT Coffee is contentious and preferences vary wildly from friend to friend. Coffee shops can become popular due to multiple reasons, from having an alluring ambiance for dates, workspaces for studying, food options to pair with your hot bean water or to the actual product, good coffee. When doing a simple “coffee shops in Stellenbosch” Google search, it is immediately apparent how plentiful the available locations are. However, as exams become a reality at the university, the demand for coffee on campus is sure to rise. As it stands, three coffee shops dominate the coffee sphere on campus,...

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Só maak jy die meeste van jou breektyd

CARLA VISAGIE Met die komende eksamens is dit maklik om in ’n roetine van eet, slaap en leer te verval, maar dit is belangrik om steeds tyd vir ontspanning in te ruim. Hier is ’n paar maniere hoe jy ’n studiebreek kan vat wat jou met nuwe oë na jou werk sal laat kyk. Kyk na kuns in GUS Die Galery van die Universiteit Stellenbosch (GUS) is geleë op die hoek van Dorp- en Birdstraat en is op weeksdae tussen 09:00 en 16:00 oop. Al is kuns nie jou ding nie, is GUS dalk net die ding in jou...

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