Author: Rachele Button

Out of your Classes and Into the Kitchen

WILLOW-RUBY VAN DER BERG Many people are complaining about this holiday because it cannot really qualify as one, owing to the fact that most people have tests and assignments due for the first week of the second term. So, it’s more work than play. To make matters worse, it falls during the last week of the month, so many of us are quite broke.  However, there is no need to fall into a pit of despair, as food will always make everything better. Here are three of my favourite budget-friendly recipes to help you through your studies.  Build-a-Pizza Budget:...

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How to do Recess like a pro

ELRIE GOLACH It’s been a long wait since classes started, but at last – recess is here! Although the light is shining bright at the end of this short (yet busy) first term tunnel, the light for the students staying behind in Stellenbosch is slowly but surely starting to dim. Especially when someone asks: “What are you doing in Stellenbosch this recess?” Rest assured, here is the ultimate bucket list to make sure you enjoy your holiday away from home and get the full Stellenbosch experience at the same time: For the adventure “freak” If you are someone who...

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Library Leaks More Than Knowledge

RACHELE BUTTON On Monday morning, library-going students would have found their visit a little more eventful than usual after being evacuated at around 09:00 due to a suspected gas leak. Upon arriving at the library that morning, staff were made aware of a triggered alarm in the Special Collections section. This alarm alerted staff to a potential gas leakage from the Carbon Dioxide canisters which are part of the fire suppression system. Although investigations by the university have not been finalised, yesterday afternoon Die Matie received a comment from Susan van der Merwe, Director of Communication and Stakeholder Relations, stating...

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