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Image&Nation, a five-piece progressive rock band based in Cape Town is currently working on their first EP, Never be Quiet, aimed to release before September this year.

The EP was recorded in Ladismith and produced by Jo Ellis and his assistant Christian Burgess, who did production for the power metal band Strident. The band consists of William Wolmarans (vocals), Henco Smit (guitar), Wessel Janse van Rensburg (bass guitar), Andrew Gill (guitar and keyboard), and Rudi Fabricius (drums).

According to Fabricius, drummer, every member had an input on the songs to feature on the EP and everyone decided on the more punching songs.

The EP’s name originated after the band had a gig at Aandklas. After getting pretty hammered after the show, they lost the key to their guesthouse. So they started unpacking their cars at 1 am trying to find the key.

“Naturally we made a lot of noise and disturbed some of the other guests, and a lady yelled out of a window, ‘You will be quiet now! There are guests that are trying to sleep!’ To which Gill responded, ‘We will never be quiet!’ and the name of our first EP was born,” said Janse van Rensburg, the band’s bass guitarist.

Their sound is best described by Wolmarans, lead vocalist, as a “hard, progressive rock band, with a little bit of a funk, reggae influence”.

Image&Nation had their first official show in October last year at Ellington’s Saloon in Bellville, with Stellenbosch-based band Dope Folks. 

“We have been going strong since!” said Fabricius.

According to Smit, guitarist, their music-making process is a surprisingly simple one that has worked out for them so far. 

“If someone feels they have something we can work on like a new riff or a tune or a funky intro, we pitch it to the rest of the guys at rehearsals and we just play with it. Usually, after a few sessions, we have turned it into something great,” said Smit.

According to Janse van Rensburg, unity is core to what they try to achieve through their music. 

“We want to use the power of rock ‘n’ roll to further bring South Africans from different walks of life together, even if it is just for the timeframe of one of our shows!” said Janse van Rensburg.

The band recently performed at Aandklas on 24 April with The Bakers and it was a great success. Their next gig will be at Ellington’s Saloon on 22 May. 

“Even though times are tough with the Covid-19 pandemic, and crowds are smaller due to government regulations, we are still having the time of our lives!” says the band.

According to Gill, guitarist and keyboardist, fans can look forward to “lots of new songs, shows and a whole lot of fun”. 

You can keep up to date with the latest Image&Nation news on their Instagram, 

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