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By Sibella Swanepoel 

Multi-award-winning rock band, Prime Circle, brings a fresh set of performances for our current times with their upcoming Freedom Tour. The tour kicked off in Nature’s Valley and is now heading to the Cape. South Africa’s rock royalty performed at The Daisy Jones Bar on Thursday, 1 April and Triggerfish Breweries on Saturday, 3 April. 

Prime Circle came to life in 2000, drawing from the members’ shared love for alternative sound, anthemic rock and creative energy. They have performed at several international festivals and are one of the most celebrated rock bands in South Africa with numerous music awards and features on top music charts. 

Their Freedom Tour was supposed to take place last December, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, they had to postpone. “It [Covid-19] had a massive effect; all tours cancelled overnight. It was a scary time; delicate house of cards came tumbling down,” said Ross Learmonth, lead singer and guitarist. Since new regulations allow live performances, the band is back on the road and more excited than ever to perform live again. 

With Prime Circle’s 21st anniversary is coming up, there is no better way to celebrate than a local tour of South Africa’s hottest venues. “We love touring South Africa. It is our home and still one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is always changing. Every show is different, so it keeps you humble and on your toes,” said Learmonth. 

Rock fans and music-lovers can expect a combination of Prime Circle’s hits and new songs. “We are very grateful to play again, even to restricted numbers. It means that normality is hopefully returning,” Learmonth said. 

After Cape Town, they will head up to Johannesburg to finish up the Freedom Tour. Tickets can be bought through Quicket and will be available at the door. Go and see Prime Circle live and loud.

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