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By Skyler Hendricks 

Kloudink, an indie-pop duo, originating in the Garden Route and advancing through Stellenbosch, prepares for a performance at Cape Town’s renowned Raptor Room on 8 April and at Aandklas on 14 April. Kloudink consists of two refined musicians – Theo Mulder, lead vocalist, and Johan Theron, lead guitarist. 

The kaleidoscopic duo has made a large impact with their indie style music, which resonates with listeners in Stellenbosch, Cape Town, the Garden Route, and even globally. Their song, ‘Winter’, has 1 million streams on Spotify, which attests to the boundless reach of the local band. 

Mulder and Theron, both found themselves in unrelated music scenes before the pair were introduced to one another. They formed Kloudink in 2018. When asked to describe the duo’s sound, Mulder said, “The older sound is definitely surfer slacker indie type of stuff – mostly guitar-based. These days we gravitate more towards darker indie alternative sounds that are more production based.” 

The creative process behind Kloudink’s song assembly starts with a small spark. After this spark is broken down, it catches flame and causes some interesting and unexpected changes – this is the twosome’s favourite part of song production. 

Forming a band in Stellenbosch while trying to juggle studies, practices, and everything in between, is a tricky task. This, however, becomes a viable prospect once you learn how to balance all your responsibilities. “Stellenbosch has had its ups and downs for us. It can be easy to slip into an unproductive state. That was a big learning curve. But I feel like we’ve finally found a rhythm that works for us,” said Mulder. 

A major theme conveyed through Kloudink’s upcoming music is letting things happen at their own pace. Through both the instrumental and lyrical value of each track, Kloudink stresses the importance of being patient with yourself and others – although this is a rather trying act. In this respect, however, Mulder says that “practice makes perfect”. 

Kloudink is currently hard at work on a bunch of new projects. An array of new music, various live performances, and even merchandise is on the horizon for the duo! For now, however, be sure to secure a ticket to Kloudink’s Raptor Room and Aandklas shows. Tickets are available on Quicket. For more information on Kloudink, search for the duo on Instagram and Facebook @Kloudink and streamed on Spotify @Kloudink.

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