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THE Men’s first-year 11-a-side tournament, which has been on going at the Lentelus Sportsground, has finally reached its climax with two popular residences – Simonsberg and Academia, set to go head-to-head against each other in the final.

Teams from other residences and PSOs like Eendrag, Helderberg, Boland College, Oude Molen and Capri were all hopeful contestants in the tournament but couldn’t make it past Round 1 as they were knocked out.

Round 2 saw Metanioa ousted by Simonsberg, Huis Visser eliminated by Pieke, Helshoogte kicked out by Dagbreek and Vesta dumped by Academia. The semi-final between Simonsberg and Pieke was a tough outing for both teams, but Simonsberg booked their place in the final with a 1-0 victory.

Academia grinded a narrow win over Dagbreek (3-2) to take the second final spot. The final game is scheduled to take place today.

The tournament is a 15 minutes-a-side straight swap knock-out competition and promises a lot of fun. The final looks set to be highly contested, as both residences are determined to take the trophy home.

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