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Dominique Verster

Over the past weekend, Maties esports secured yet another victory in the first ever national intervarsity esports competition. University Sports South Africa (USSA) in collaboration with ACGL hosted the historical event at the Coetzenberg sports centre of Stellenbosch University (SU).

Institutions from all over South Africa participated in the tournament with the hope of securing the title of 2v2 Fifa ‘19 champion, but none could match SU’s talented gaming representatives. The first round of the tournament took place on Saturday 21 September.

Within each of the competing pools, four teams (each from a different university) competed against each other for a place in the knockout round. The round worked according to a point-based system in order to determine the winning team. Three Maties teams went through to the knockout round held on Sunday 22 September. Two of them competed against each other in the finals.

Consequently, Maties will be bringing home the gold as the overall winners of the tournament.

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