To young South Africans


The economy had an annual growth rate of 0.8% (2018). The unemployment rate stands at 10 million people. Total employed: 16 million. Total tax payers: 6 million. Total grant recipients are at 17 million people. According to Prof Jannie Rossouw, in his address to parliament this year, South Africa reaches the Fiscal Cliff in 2042.

The“silver bullet” touted by government to remedy the above is foreign investment. But what foreign venture capitalist is going to invest in a country that has its economic policy decided by Communists; proponents of a failed ideology?

In the last decade, Communists in government have successful- ly moved state policy in line with their ultimate ideological goals of depriving the individual of his hard earned property rights.

Minerals in the earth have been commandeered by the government via the Mining Charter and agricultural land will be next with the Expropriation Bill as the first of many future steps towards the erosion of property rights.

The sovereign rights of the individual form the underlying basis of Western civilization and the safeguarding of property rights forms the core value of such societies, yet the state is content to turn its back on these hard-earned gains and allow the Communists to reduce us all to vassals of the state.

With Communists in Parliament, the economy will not expand, there will be no overwhelming foreign investment and the 10 million unemployed will grow in number.

So, what’s the message? Draw a line in the sand, and give yourself six or seven years, and if the Communists are still in Parliament, then you had better bail, as the good ship RSA is headed for the fiscal cliff – where 90% of state revenue is spent on governmental salaries, social grants and interest on debt, with very little remaining for sewerage repairs, filling pot-holes, keeping the lights on, and free tertiary education.

Get yourself highly educated inthe STEM fields to ensure that youare marketable in any westerniseddemocracy – sadly, forget the hu-manities, as that field has degen- erated into a relentless pursuit of victimhood. SA will be Venezuela in 20 years, unless the Communists are kicked out of Parliament. You decide.

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