Surviving Stellenbosch: a black girl’s guide


Surviving Stellenbosch: a Black Girl’s guide

The saying curiosity killed the cat is often given as a precaution to troublemakers in order for them to be weary of meddling in the affairs of other people, as this can lead them into uncomfortable circumstances. However, curiosity can also be the very same thing that propels us to new intellectual heights. American author William A. Ward once said, “curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning”. Meaning that curiosity is the force that drives you to want to know more.

The greatest scientists, leaders and inventors in history were equipped with curios minds and adventurous spirits. Most of their discoveries would not have been made if they had simply accepted things for the way they were. Instead they strove to make things better than what they previously were. Another aspect of curiosity that is usually ignored is the internal change it produces within a person. Meaning that curiosity is not just physically manifested, in the form of scientific findings or new technologies. Curiosity is also psychologically manifested, in the change that the individual undergoes in the midst of their striving for knowledge. This psychological manifestation of curiosity is one of a renewed mindset, a mindset that does not easily quiver at the sight of the unknown. Instead it is a mindset that is ready to take on new challenges.

Stellenbosch for many is an unknown and daunting environment. Hence it is imperative that in order for you to maximize your experience at Stellenbosch, you need to have a curious mind. A mind that loves to wander, one that is not easily satisfied by how things are but rejoices in how things could be. As a black girl in Stellenbosch you will need to equip yourself with the embodiments of a curious mind. Simply because without it you will lack the necessary skills needed to deal with this environment. There needs to be a constant longing to want to know more about this environment. Before you can deal with any issues you face in Stellenbosch, you need to firstly know why these issues are prevalent and then secondly know how you can use your inquisitive nature to change things for the better. The key to surviving Stellenbosch as a black girl, amongst other things, is never to accept things for the way they are, but instead to strive constantly for change as best as you can.

The curious mind is not a fearful mind, but is instead a mind filled with audacity.

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