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A Maties cricketer has just made the women’s Protea team, paving the way for female athletes. Born and raised in Cape Town, Faye Tunnicliffe’s cricket journey began at the age of eleven when she was told by a fellow student that girls can’t play cricket. She joined her school’s boys’ team that same day, and her love for the game began.

Despite numerous successes, Tunnicliffe’s journey through cricket has not been without obstacles. Many parents at her school believed that her place on the team should have been awarded to a male student, but that did not stop her. With the love and support of her family and friends, she pursued the sport that she loved, moving to the Boland province team the very next year, where she is currently playing. Throughout her journey with the sport, Tunnicliffe said, “my family was exceptionally supportive.”

She explained that they would drive hours at a time just to get her to practices. Tunnicliffe found her way to the Maties team after having left the Coronations and said that her coach at Maties has been very supportive, especially towards the women’s team.

When she found out that she had made the Protea team, she said that she couldn’t contain her excitement: “It was an unforgettable feeling.”

During her time in the Protea team Tunnicliffe aims to contribute as much as possible and play her best for the side. She believes that one of the biggest factors in international sport is to prove that you want to play well not only for yourself, but for the entire team.

Tunnicliffe says, “Anyone that is on camera or in the eye of young ladies, has a big responsibility on their shoulders to show what can be done as a female.” Her advice is to “just go for it and do what you love” as she believes that the only person stopping you is yourself.


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