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Kathryn van den Berg asked six Matie Graduates of December 2018 if they think that graduating cum laude places graduates in a better position than peers who graduate without distinction. Here’s what they had to say: 

Sarah Anne Gardner

Graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of the Arts in Humanities

“I definitely believe that graduating cum laude adds more merit to my name as it shows good work ethic and dedication to prospective employers”



Andrew Sutherland

“In short, no. As a student who wishes to further his studies, post-grad, I don’t think that an undergraduate holds a place more than a stepping stone to my next adventure. While it’s important to excel academically you have to find a balance to a full life.”



Nicholas Wilkonson

Graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering

“I think within academia, graduating cum laude helps when pursuing further study opportunities, as well as being good to have on a CV when looking for a first job. However, I don’t think graduating without distinction hinders you. A good academic record is helpful, but it doesn’t tell the full story of who you are, and what you had to go through to where you are. There are other factors that can indicate how hard you have worked, or how suitable you will be for a job.”



Bradley Croukamp

Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities

“I think it might help them if they are trying to further their career in Academia. Institutions will notice that those people use the system to benefit themselves and they work hard and so are probably more likely to be willing to give them like a tutoring job or like benefits if the cum laude people ask for them. However I think outside of an academic institution business are probably less likely to give as much notice to it. I think they will just look at the degree, while it does signifies those people work hard I don’t think those are the only factors involved In hiring decisions”



Zubayr Kader

Graduated cum laude with BSc Human Life Science (and psychology)

“Not at all. Being book smart or getting lucky with exam questions does not correlate with ‘real world’ smart.”



Caitlin Jones

Graduated cum laude in BSC Earth Science

“I do think so because I have been applying for bursaries each year and now after graduating Cum Laude I have got one and I am on a shortlist for a second one, and hopefully the Cum Laude will also open up doors to more job opportunities”







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